Islands in Quarantine

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In a period of quarantine, Archipelago have come together to develop an open call in response to the current world health crisis as a way of documenting a series of themes we all believe important to explore and record. Times of adversity test our resolve and ingenuity and we often discover innovative strategies and learn valuable lessons through comparing our experience. So perhaps at this time Archipelago can offer some sharing to help us see beyond our walls and compensate a little for restricted interaction. This has been created as an open diary for young architects, creatives and people who feel like islands in quarantine.


Is quarantine a comfort zone or a toxic predicament?
How does the physical space where one self-isolates affect mental health?
Can space cure panic attacks?
What does solidarity mean in architecture?
What are the implications of the distance in teaching and practice of architecture?
Are our subjective visions of the future utopian or dystopian?
Will our newly developed habits stand the test of time?

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