Project Album

authors: HIMA – Hristina Sekuloska & Irena Milojeska

project album / : latin, english : white ( album of ideas )


Album is an experimental project/workshop, tutored by Hristina Sekuloska and Irena Milojeska, that had its start at the RE:EASA 2018 in Rijeka, Croatia. The project tried to rethink the division of the participants into separate workshop groups, with the goal of strengthening the EASA community. The project reorganized that concept by inviting every tutor, participant, helper, guest, and organizer to be a participant in this project and make a unified EASA workshop.
The participants revealed their identities not just by physical appearance, name, age, nationality, sex, but by showing how they understand empty space and how they act and define that space as personal.

We asked for only 10 minutes of each participant’s time throughout the whole EASA event. In those 10 minutes the participants were seated in a white room where they would try to recreate their understanding of empty space, by translating their imagination into a simple sketch that would represent the personal space they have imagined. The sketch was followed with a written explanation, and by an ID photograph of every participant while sketching their space.

Each EASA individual that participated in this project was assigned their own unique code, sketch, photograph and story, that at the end of the event an alternative book called ALBUM ( an album of understanding and behavior in an empty space ) was published. This album has two sections – the first one consists of a sketch with an unique code printed on a transparent sheet of paper, and the second section is for the photographs of every participant with the same code as the sketch and an explanation about it. The sections are overlapping each other accordingly, allowing the observer to read every person’s alternative ID ‘ page ‘.