Urban Moorings
The careness of the city

text and photographs: Daniele Longorbardi,
graduate of architecture at Federico II University of Naples
graphic: Ela Zdebel,
urbanism student at Technische Universiteit Delft
reading time: around 10 min

Our well-being is closely connected with the city, the main environment of our life, a kind of obelical cord impossible to break.

However, the recent architectural production, due to the profound and little controlled development of the urban fabric, has led to an inevitable loss of character of these, originating disorder and confusion.

Even large buildings, intended for public functions, no longer represent specific places of reference, but find it difficult to have a clear location within the urban fabric, the city thus forms different levels that inevitably lead to different directions, the path is uncontrolled and confused by the coexistence of multiple situations dictated by the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

It is therefore the citizens themselves, who must coexist to exist, providing for "mooring" the city,ensuring that a boat is anchored with moorings, with solid points of grip, to keep it in the predetermined position, take care of it, consider it. The careness of the city, metaphorically represents the thread that connects the surrounding chaos, with objective interventions aimed at ensuring the improvement of the existing, which creates well-being.

The first citizens to enjoy the new strong ties that can be generated from this care and consideration of the urban context, are children, unaware users, symbol of the desire to discover and adapt, as well as the main indicators of a healthy environment.

For adults, children are the projection of their future and for this reason they are constantly protected and stimulated, even the architecture and structure of our territory must permanently go in this direction, in the future vision of an active space, therefore, it is necessary create a child- friendly city, because a child would surely be able to give a unique meaning to the word space, as a place that combines the physicality of the environment with space-time, living it and adapting to it as if it were not possible to live differently in another place and therefore making it suitable, with a strong bond, to him.